I recently acquired a group of over 50 old 78rpm records with 1930's-1950's Arabic Pop and Swing music. Below are photos of the old record labels and all the songs recorded in MP3 format. Just click on the label photo to download the song. The recordings are about 3MG each, so if you have a 56k modem like I do, it might take some time to listen to all the songs. If you want the complete collection of Arabic music from my archive, I can send you a CD with about 100 songs in MP3 format plus photos of all the old record labels.

EMAIL ME and I'll ship one off to you for $15.00, postage included in U.S., add $5.00 for shipping outside U.S.

I can also accept donations which will help keep the music online. Click the "Donate" button below. Any amount will work, from $1, but please, no donations over $1,000,000. I hate doing all the tax forms and stuff. Thanks!

(You don't have to donate to download the music, that's free)



NEW ADDITION Feb 6, 2011